Advanced Care Services,LLC. was founded
with the mission of providing the highest
quality nursing and allied professionals to
health care facilities by utilizing advanced
technological recruitment systems and
providing unparalleled customer service.

Contracting With the Best
When you contract with Advanced Care
Services, Inc., you’re hiring a ready made
team of Health care professionals who are
happy to meet your staffing challenges head-
on. Our health care administrator/owner
oversees operations and maintains direct
lines of communication with your facility, our
staffing coordinator and nurses.

A Standard of Excellence
Advanced Care's credential process for field
staff hiring, is second to none!!  You can be
assured that every contracted worker has a
screened background check, license
verification, 10 panel drug screen, Abuse
Registry Check, Health Physical Certificate,
and all of the other credentials you have
come to expect in accordance with State and
Federal regulations.

Just like your own employees, we hold our
workers accountable for their attendance and
work performance. Excessive call-offs,
tardiness, or poor work performance is never

This ensures that the worker that you contract
with will be clinically proficient, reliable and
exceptionally professional.

Call us today for more information on how
you can benefit by using Advanced Care
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